Friday, December 17, 2010

Weird or Unique?

I am weird and quirky. I sing goofy songs all day, talk baby talk to my husband on purpose, and I make up words. Usually it's some form of the originally word, however unrecognizable to the ones who don't know me. For instance - Chowah = Shower, Manyopoli = Monopoly, and Chin knees = Chinese (Always in reference to eating Chinese food).

In light of that, I have compiled a list of my own personal weirdness for you to enjoy and/or poke fun at me about. You can trust me, though, when I say it is only the short list!

1. I hate the heel on the loaf of bread.

2. I hate ANY LITTLE SLIVER of fat on meat.

3. I can't stand it when people scrape their teeth on a utensil.

4. I also can't stand it when people chew with their mouth open/ make smacking noises.

5. I turn homicidal if I'm being stared at.

6. I have road rage. If someone pulls out in front of me and then goes slow (or any number of other things) I will tailgate, try to pass them and flip them off, or *insert other insane things here*.

7. I don't like potato salad. I live in the south, so that's almost a sin.

8. I HAVE to stop the microwave on intervals of 5.

9. I am most scared of 3 things. (If you don't include biggies like death and such). Heights, the dark, and spiders... so you can imagine how I am about the attic.

10. I can't stand for people to walk closely behind me. Even BE close behind me. I even sit with my back away from the door in every place possible.

11. I am for sure right handed, but there are a couple of things that only feel right if done with my left hand.

12. If I am eating mashed potatoes and most any other vegetable I will mix them.

13. I can't stand for a closet, cabinet, etc to be left open, even cracked.

14. I love lists. I even make lists of lists I need to make.

15. I plan months ahead for most occasions. Ex: I do one grand thing around July for my kids' birthdays... I've already bought some supplies for it.

16. I love the smell of gas and spray paint.

17. When I put something away, the labels have to be facing out. This especially applies to food.

18. I don't care how hot I am, I have to be covered at least a little at night or I can't sleep.

19. I absolutely can not stand for anyone over the age of 3 to watch me potty. Even pee. My own husband has watched me push out multiple children but has never seen me pee!

20. I cannot sleep in socks.

21. I change my hairs' style and color constantly.

22. I have a serious issue with balance. Meaning, things have to be even. If there's one of something on one side, there has to be one on the other side or the world will fall apart.

I know there's more, but a.)that's all I can think of at the moment and b.) I can always think of more and eventually you would be asking yourself  'When does it end?!' so, I'll end there.

What are your weird quirks?

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  1. Mine are very much the same as yours. I mean, seriously--1,4,7, 10-13, 18, 20, 22 (big time!). I'm a huge freak for things being just-so. I can't stand square corners that aren't really squared. I like all of the clothes in the closet to face the same way (all the fronts facing one direction). I'm neurotic when it comes to making the bed--NO WRINKLES!!! When I do Sweet'ums' hair, it has to be just so... I can't stand to do her hair and have the little tufts sticking out and stuff. I could go on and on. Oh! Oh! I can't stand to open my kitchen cabinets and find my cookware or dishes misplaced... There's a cabinet shelf for pots, one for plastic, one for dishes, etc.