Thursday, December 16, 2010

As if appointments weren't hard enough.

What the crap is up with doctors' offices thinking it's ok now-a-days to reschedule constantly. I have one place that I go that I had to sign a form saying if I didn't reschedule at least 5 hours before my appointment time, I would be charged for the visit anyway. The same said office reschedules me almost every single appointment! So I guess my question is: On the days where it's not at least 5 hours before, can I charge them? Yeah, didn't think so.

The reason for today's rant is because this specific doctor's office (not the one above) that I'm going to today has rescheduled me 3 times. I know I'm probably being just a tad touchy here, but since when is that ok? If I were to do that I'm pretty sure people would start getting upset... and I'm the "CUSTOMER"! I thought it was customary for the one providing services to actually be where they say they're going to be when they say they're going to be there. It goes along with the I show up for my appointment at 1:00 and am still sitting in the waiting room at 2:30. Yeah, pretty sure if I showed up an hour and a half late they wouldn't see me, but boy howdy they can do it! Anyway, that's for another day.

I have to go start getting ready for this appointment in about 10 minutes. Want to know why I'm having to do this before my coffee has fully kicked in? Because people are jackholes that's why! I have a no-appointments-before-nap time rule. At least one if not both boys are always up by at least 7:00.  Then we have breakfast, changing clothes and diapers, washing hands and faces, cleaning table and dishes etc, cleaning table, sweeping floor.. you get the picture. For some reason the boys think meal time is war time. War on my floor, table, their clothes, their hair, you name it. So yeah, it takes me forever to clean up after.

Then when I'm all ready to sit back down and rest a while, they're ready to be played with.  30 minutes of that and it's time to get Reid ready for nap. Yeah I can't believe it either. Reid normally goes down for a nap around 11:00-ish and sleeps for about 2 hours. James goes down for his nap no earlier than 12:00 and sleeps for about an hour. If I can't get him down before 1:00 and I have an appointment he doesn't get his nap, which is fine with him. Me, not so much.

Anyway, the point of all that is to say... my appointment is at 10:00 frickin' a.m. today. Not so horribly, terribly, awfully bad.. but then school is back in session today, only 2 hours late. So, I get to leave at 9:15 to get Mae to school by 9:30 and then make it to my appointment at 10:00. Shoot me? I don't DO mornings.

I'm aware that there are those that get up at the butt-crack of dawn and have established world peace by 10:00, but I'm not one of them and if you feel the need to rub it in my face you can go suck an egg.


  1. Woo! I love this one. I'm not a morning person--before 11 I'm useless. This includes when I was in high school and I was up at 4:30 most mornings to get ready. It doesn't matter how early I get up: I'm still useless until 11-ish rolls around. Now, I will admit that I intentionally schedule all of my appointments for the morning, but that's so I can avoid your aforementioned delays. But girl, your little picture up there of the guy in fuzzy slippers? Add a blanket and a recliner to that image, and you've got me. I don't even speak English until I've been up a while... just ask my hubby next time he answers the phone.

  2. I picked that picture b/c it so accurately portrays what I look like in the am. I usually have bed head, and sleep shorts on, but my slippers are fuzzy and pink! Oh, and coffee is a must!