Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let it snow... not!

Look, I like snow as much as the next person. It's a beautiful sight, it's fun, and I love making snow cream and hot chocolate.

I don't like the cold at all, but I can deal with it. However, there is one thing that truly irks me about it snowing. The schools. They're all, "Oh no! We have flurries! Must. Cancel. School."

Oh, no-no-no-no-no! A light dusting is not reason to call off school. I depend on school being open in order for me to keep my sanity! It's bad enough you won't keep her during the summer. Grr... Judge me if you want to, but if you lived with Mae you would understand.

But that's not my biggest issue with snow days. No, that would be these little going to hours late days or coming home early days. Mae gets taken to school every day, but rides the bus home in the evening so I don't have to... ummm... go get her. Ok, that sounds bad. It's just the boys nap ends about 2.3 seconds before I would have to leave, and putting them to sleep earlier or getting them up earlier isn't really an option. Trust me. Plus there's the fact that Tennessee has exactly 3 kinds of weather. Burning hot, raining, or cold as ice. Not really great conditions to be getting 2 toddlers out in. Anyway.

So, yeah. Back to my peeve. When they go late or get let out early, we the parents have to take them or pick them up. First of all, if it's too dangerous for a big ol' bus to bring them home, it's not going to be any safer for my minivan.

And the children at school have to get home one way or another, and it puts them in danger for anyone to drive on the ice (or flurries), but why put my boys and anyone else's kids in danger too by having to travel to get the kids. And I've always wondered about 1 car families. Or families that have a broken vehicle. I mean, what do they do? Walk? Ugh!

Ok, end rant. Snow and such has started earlier this year, so I think we're in for a rough winter.. Oh goody...


  1. So it's not just me? It did come early this year, didn't it? It's unusual for bad weather (short of hurricanes or tornado warnings, like we get with cold fronts sometimes) to cancel school.
    I never did understand why they'd take the buses off the road but then increase traffic around schools and in town by making parents come get their kids. It's just not safe. And it takes so much longer for kids to get home because of the lines!
    I wish I were closer because I'd help you with the kids. :(

  2. We seem to wish we lived closer for oh, about 235,976 reasons lol!