Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcome to My Wonderful, Beautiful, Sometimes Crazy Life!

Welcome to my blog. If you're looking to read about someone who has wild and crazy adventures, you're in the wrong place. However, if you're looking for some stories about 3 wonderful kids and an incisive husband driving a woman completely bonkers, get cozy. I don't know yet what I will write about, but I know I have all kinds of weird, offbeat, and sometimes funny stories and thoughts. I will write about them here.

A little about me: (Copied from my profile) -
My name is Angel, and I'm almost 27 years old. My husband's name is Travis and my 4 childrens' names and ages are: Mae (7), James (2), Reid (1), and Michael who would have been 3 this year had he not died of SIDS at 1 month of age. We have a dog (dachshund, rat terrier mix) named Lola. I am blessed to be a a stay at home mom. If you decide to follow my blog, you'll get to know the ins and outs of this half-out-of-her-mind mommy and her journey through this crazy life.

Whew, boring part is done! Ok, now on to my amazing kids.

 Mae is 7 and in the 2nd grade. She is my only-est little girl and the twinkle in my eye. She is a diva, super picky about food, and she says the most off the wall things sometimes. She has severe ADHD (which she takes medication for) and a lot of behavioral issues. I'm sure I'll rant a lot about that kind of thing on here since it's probably #1 on the "trying-to-make-mom-crazy" list. Oh well, my little attention - seeker is still my little monkey.

Speaking of little monkeys... James is 2 and boy can you tell he's in those "terrible twos". Don't get me wrong, he is definitely my biggest love bug. He cannot go more than 10 minutes without loving on me and/or dad, if the baby is upset he pats him and says, "Awww" before running off to find him a toy to make him feel better. He presents me with different body parts at least 10 times a day that needs mommy's kiss to feel better.. it's so sweet. One of my favorite things about him is how much he loves books. He WILL NOT sit still unless you're reading to him and he would rather sit and look at a book than play with a toy. The thing is, several times a day this sweet lovable angel turns into a screaming mess. Chances are it's because I said he could not have snack # 234,758 for that day. My little snack monster. Haha!

Reid. Oh sweet Reid. I fear he is doomed to suffer through as "mommy's baby" for the rest of his life. DO NOT get me wrong, I want zero more children, but still the nostalgia of their baby-hood leaves me teary eyed and heartbroken looking into the future knowing that I'll blink and they won't need me anymore. Poor Reid is the last of the babies, and as I've ordered him to stop growing, he will forever be my baby. He was pretty easy going as a baby, but now, oh lord if he gets left alone for 5 minutes he's in hysterics. But his sweet dimples and looks of complete desperation keep this mommy from jumping off a bridge.

And then there's Michael. As you read above, he died when he was 1 month old of SIDS. Unfortunately because of that I don't have a whole lot I can tell you about him. One day I'll share the whole sad tale. It still affects me daily, and I include his memory wherever and whenever I can. It's a subject that makes most people nervous, but to get to know the me that I am now, you need to know about his short life and the devastation his death brought. To be honest, I'd rather others feel uncomfortable than to feel like I'm betraying his memory by not including him. He is my angel baby.

Hubby, sweet hubby. Oh my! Travis is serious and motivated. Organized, highly intelligent, and sometimes just a touch grumpy. He irritates me daily, never does things exactly the way I want them when I want them ( What? Like that's too much to ask?), LOVES history - especially involving the Roman Empire, pours over maps and worst of all... he's way into politics. We're totally opposite, argue often, and I completely love him as much today as the day we were married. He keeps me grounded and I make him lighten up. Win-win.

Lola is a skittish, stupid, overly hyper little thing. The little turd likes to get into our dirty toilet paper trashcan and drag out well, everything that goes into a bathroom trashcan that should not be found in the middle of the living room floor. She growls at everything that moves like she's going to tear it/them a new one, but get within 5 feet of her and she's running scared. But she is thoroughly a true member of our family and fits right in with all her weird quirks. And the best part is she sleeps under the covers at the foot of the bed with us keeping my sub-zero feet warm : )

Aaaannndd, that's about it! I'll write more as I can. Thanks for reading and please press that little follow button!

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