Friday, November 12, 2010

Say What?

It's so funny how families talk when the household includes children. Children with their mispronunciations and parents' baby talk. And some of the things that I find myself saying to and about my kids I am convinced would scald the ears of people that have had children or been around people with them. I truly feel they're missing out. We may say some very strange things, but we also get to be there when our sweet darlings start speaking. It's always such a heart warming thing.

I mentioned in my first post that James presents me with different body parts to kiss and "make better". It is a common thing in my house to hear something that goes like this "Oh, honey, did you fall down? Ohhh, you hurt your butt. Here, let momma kiss it." Yeeaahh... Pretty sure someone without kids would think that was weird and gross. Oh well, my baby's hurt and damn it, I made it better!

Something else that would inevitably make those snooty childless people turn their nose up is how I am forever telling my kids to: Stop licking random things. Stop putting bodily *junk* (i.e. Poop, Pee, Snot, boogers, spit etc.) on well, everything and everyone. Also not to eat random things like dog food , dryer lint, paper, what I think used to be a hotdog that has been in the couch for 100 years and growing hair, and so on.

Oh the strange things parent's say...

But even more strange (and sometimes funny) is the things kids say. Mae has had me rolling on the floor more than once. Once she went into the bedroom to wake Travis up. I followed her and so glad I did. Mae pushes on him telling him to wake up. He groans and peeks at her with one eye. He says, "I am awake! And she says, "Well your other eye isn't!" Sometimes she's not so funny. Like the time I was folding laundry and was admiring one of her pairs of pants and said, "Mae, I love these pants. I wish I could wear them." And she said, "No way mom! You're butt is too big! You'd break them!" Thanks kid... 

Mae also likes to tell random strangers things. Like the check out lady at walmart. Check out lady, "Hi, what's your name?" Mae (shyly), "Mae." Lady, "You sure have pretty eyes." At this Mae perks up and says, "Thanks! Mom says they're brown cuz I'm full of shit!" Thanks again kid... 

But on the cuter side, James is learning to talk and it's adorable. (For now.) Honestly, I had been a little worried because he started talking just a little late. Being a worry wart concerned mommy I called a speech specialist. He said it was still a little early and to give it 6 more months. No need. About 2 months later he started talking... a lot. Mostly just single words, but man, those words are so cute! His favorite thing to do is read a gook (book) and after a meal he wants noun (down) from his chair. He also loves ooz (shoes) and would wear them all day if I'd let him. Lately, since Reid seems to be into everything these days James gets to hear me say "Reid, put that down!!" quite a lot. Because of this, anytime Reid does anything James doesn't like he runs through the house yelling "Weed! Weeeeeeeed!" Good times.

And sweetest of all is that my baby, who is not supposed to be growing, has now said his first word. Well, actually he's saying two words now. His very first was "Bow" (Pow) which is accompanied by pretending to punch someone. Such a good mommy I know. But that other word he knows is "Mama" does that count? You bet your a** it does! My baby knows who I am! *tear*

So, although some mighty bizarre things are said in my house, I wouldn't trade any of it for those cute, funny, and sometimes uncomfortable, things my little ones say. Now the only question is, how do you make them be quiet?

What are some of the adorable things you've heard children say?

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