Wednesday, November 10, 2010

There's clean, and then there's clean.

Have you ever walked into a room that your husband has just "cleaned" and find yourself forcing a smile and thanking him all the while thinking - yeah, I'm totally going to have to re-do this when he's not looking. I find myself in this predicament quite often.

Well, before I go any further let me just say that I realize I'm INCREDIBLY lucky to have a hubby that helps at all. I know many men don't. My wonderful hubby comes home from work and shares everything equally.  We see it as we are both starting our "second shift". On the weekends my dear, sweet hubby lets me sleep in despite the fact that Reid doesn't get me up during the night anymore unless he's sick or teething.  He knows I'm a person who needs a good amount of sleep and I simply cannot function on just a couple of hours and that's enough for him to put his needs aside and get up with them. Even if I have to re-do what he does, I am still SO grateful that he does what he does do! I just needed to get that out there first.

That being said, when I do see what he's done, I have the bad habit of seeing what's wrong. I always say thank you and am very gracious about it. However, when he's not looking I'm wiping down cabinet doors that are streaked with who knows what, the tops of canisters that have accumulated a years worth of a greasy dust mixture that has accumulated in only a week, or wiping off the top of the tank on the toilet.

I don't understand the time it takes him either. I mean, it takes him as long as it does me which isn't tons of time, but the thing is.. he takes as long as I do! I get every nook and cranny and wipe everything off as I move it to clean etc etc (things he doesn't do) and yet I get done as quickly as he does. How is this possible?

Anyway, this is just one of the things that irk me about my hubby. I don't get it, but when I think about killing him his imperfections, I just remember my own flaws. I mean, who else would put up with me?

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  1. I do the same thing. I find it's usually easier for me just to do things myself, with a few exceptions.
    I love your new blog! It's cute!