Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just another craptastic day.

I have bronchitis.
Bron·chi·tis [brong-kahy-tis]
–noun Pathology .
acute or chronic inflammation of the membrane lining of the bronchial tubes, caused by respiratory infection or exposure to bronchial irritants, as cigarette smoke.
Well guess what. Mine is from when I QUIT smoking! Yeah. To be quite honest it's making me more mad than I'm letting on in person. I just keep saying, "Well, I don't regret it. I'll get over being sick and will still be a non-smoker, so it's all good." I do mean that, but it's not all good. It frickin' sucks. I stopped smoking to improve my health, ya know? 
My doctor said if #1- I hadn't already had a cold and #2- If I hadn't waited so long to go in that it wouldn't have gotten so bad. Well I suppose that makes sense. But it was a slight cold, I didn't know about it effecting anything, and really - I don't know that I would change when I stopped anyway. It's always been some excuse with me. No matter the time, I stopped. End of story. And the second one? Does anyone know how many appointments I have on any given week? At least 4. (Sometimes upwards of 12, and that doesn't count any other errands I run.) Every single week. With two toddlers. So the thought of adding another one while being sick also isn't a very appealing thing to me. I'd rather eat potato salad .
Oh, and by the way Mr. Dr. Sir, the last week of it was your fault because you went on vacation and had your appointments all backed up so when I did call you didn't have anything for a week! Butthead. So yeah whatever. I get a shot in my a** a prescription, and was booted out the door. (Probably still trying to play catch up from being on vacation.)

So, I dropped off my Rx and went home. That night I kept waking up coughing (like every other night for 3+ weeks, which is yet another reason I'm exhausted). I coughed so hard I pulled a #@$^!*/% muscle (are you ready for this?) in my murther truckin' throat. I didn't even know that was possible! It hurts worse than anything else honestly. Talking is painful, it's painful from the outside, swallowing is painful, but eating... ohhhhhh... eating feels like someone is ramming an icepick down my throat. And I've even been eating soggy cereal and soup! Whatever. 
When you put in me dieting, which makes me a little cranky since I'm starving and all, and working out, which makes me feel like I've been run over by a semi truck, I'm not a happy camper. Someone shoot me? 

Oh, and another school related gripe! Today it's already 40 degrees here, and it looks like it might have rained a little during the night. It did a dusting of snow yesterday around 3pm that didn't even stick a tiny bit. So of course, they decided at 5:30 THIS MORNING to have school be two hours late! When it looks like this outside why oh why would I check to see if school is out? So Travis too Mae to school this morning. Then had to pick her up, after a raunchy little call from the school. But he's working, so he can't take her back. I understand that completely, but that means I have to do it. Yay? Ridiculous. It's just the school board being lazy and not wanting to come into work today. 

Oh, by the way, did I mention it was my birthday? Um.. yeah. And you'll never believe what my present was! A wonderful... exciting... spectacular... pair of hair clippers? And of course I can't tell my dear sweet hubby that it's a let-down b/c he was so proud. "Look honey! You've been saying you needed new ones for a while now! It comes with a mini one too!" Yes, dear. I have been saying "I" need one... for YOUR hair! Well, and Reid and James' hair too. It's like getting socks for Christmas! Thanks hun. Just what every girl dreams of. A $50 gift she gets to use on someone else. *SIGH* Men. 
So yeah, so far (and unless some kind of miracle happens it will stay this way) my day has been and probably will be just another craptastic day.


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